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LAN remote, external network remote, mobile remote, so that monitoring everywhere.

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The safe and reliable life lies in the excellent monitoring of video camera.


Chinese robot "Xiaoyi" scored high in the national medical licensing examination, beating many human candidates, the Beijing News reported. This was the first time that a robot has passed a written test in the medical field worldwide. The robot scored 456 points, 96 points higher than the required pass level. Its developer iFlytek Co Ltd, a Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) company, said that the robot can automatically capture and analyze patient information and make an initial diagnosis. It will be used to help doctors to improve efficiency, but will not replace human doctors. ...

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    Safe and reliable life depends on excellent surveillance cameras.
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    2017, how can Chinese security enterprises go better
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    My company's official website is online, welcome new and old friends to visit
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    Cross the new era of security, learn deeply and explore the secrets of intelligence.